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Spirit Black Panthers

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For centuries Native Americans have attached powerful mysticism to the Black Panther. It should be noted that the following information is concerning Spirit Panthers and not the physical Black Panther (Felis concolor, Mountain Lion, Puma, Catamount, Deer Tiger, or Indian Devil)

Native peoples highly respect the grace and power of these shy creatures that hunt their prey with amazing stealth. Early Native American references to the beautiful cats compare them to a “midnight vapor.” The Black Panther with its penetrating yellow-green gaze evokes the sense that it’s capable of foretelling future events. Spirit Panthers are closely linked to Seers and Prophets.

Everything about Black Panther is geared toward a heightened awareness of their surroundings. With ears capable of capturing the smallest of movement, eyes that can penetrate through the dark blanket of night, and a powerful sense of smell, the Black Panther is able to locate and track prey with a skill matched by few predators in the wild.

One of the most gifted spirit cats is moojesis-felineous (MOJO). These ancient souls possess the gift to see to the motives of another, the future consequences of that individual’s motives and actions are clearly visible to the Spirit Panther. They can appear almost prophetic when warning of the ramifications of third down and long yardage situations.

Researches of MOJOISM should make a careful distinction when discussing Spirit Panthers. Black Panther Spirits are not inherently evil. Although often mischievous, their knowledge is a special gift from the Great Spirit that has benefited humankind for many centuries. Obviously, having the ability to "see the future" also imparts tremendous responsibility on the person communicating with the spirit animals and is imperative that the soul beside whom Black Panther walks, governs this ability closely.

Like many dictators throughout history, followers of MOJOISM have distorted and misused the tremendous potential of these Spirit Guides. They abuse the gifts of power and awareness to manipulate, control or intimidate others.

The NO MO MOJO chant is invoked to empower moojesis-felineous in resisting attempts at corruption and reclaim the True Power of the Spirit Black Panther.